Hey there! This is the appointment email for Lefty Colbert! Thanks
for inquiring about getting tattooed by me! I greatly appreciate it!
This is a automatic  response that I have set up to be able to ask you
the first few questions that I need as well as provide you information
that you may need!  My wife and I do our very best at trying to answer
all emails in the most timely manner possible but please keep in
consideration that I receive around 50 emails a day and I also spend a
substantial amount of time traveling and tattooing on an international
level. It is not uncommon for it to take up to a week for a reply
after this initial email!  If you don’t answer this email with the
questions asked you will not get a response. It’s nothing personal but
to save time and make it to where I can devote as much of myself as
possible to your needs we have come up with a system that works if
everyone does their part!  I don’t mind doing consultations in person
but a lot of times it is not necessary if the email process is done
right.  Please be understanding that the business portion of what I
do. It is just necessary to provide my clients with my full attention
and every bit of my abilities to give them a piece of art that will
last forever!  I am not the cheapest artist out there and I typically
always have a wait.  But I am fair and I charge everyone the same and
only for the actual time they are getting tattooed!  So take a minute
read through what I need from you and please answer those questions as
well as I want you to feel free to ask me any questions that you have.

First of all, what is the idea you have for the tattoo you are
wanting? Include Images you have saved.

Second, where are you wanting the tattoo? Again, include pics and
measurements of the area to be tattooed if possible.

Third, is it a cover up or a non tattooed area of skin? Also, am I
working around other tattoos? Pictures of the area to be tattooed help make
this process a lot faster and easier on you and him!!!!

Please understand that my main focus is black and grey
tattooing!  From time to time I may consider doing a little color but
it is not what I am truly passionate about and for my very best work a
blacy tattoo is my desired medium!  If you are wanting something that
is not what I’m passionate about it does not make your tattoo or idea
any less important or valuable. Please allow me to direct you to the
best possible artist for that whether it be at our shop or another
reputable establishment!

The more information, pics, and references you can include will speed
up the process!!!

My rate is $200 usd a hour and a one hour minimum!  Unless I
quote a flat rate price for a tattoo!  A $200 deposit is required
prior to the setting of any appointment.  It can be paid at the shop
in cash or via PayPal/ Venmo! The deposit is non refundable if you are
a no call no show! Thats for everyone.  The $200 deposit pays for your
first hour of tattooing! Hopefully this helps the process of getting
you started on the road to a happy healthy tatto!

Thank you , Lefty


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